Thursday, October 23, 2014

Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

Attendance surged this year for the PEHOA annual meeting. The weather was lovely for Friday's opening reception at the pool, but the warmth of the weather was more than matched by the warmth of feeling among the owners, many of whom commented on the "good vibe" in our community as they made new friends, caught up with faces not seen for a while, and enjoyed the fine wine and hors d'oeuvres. The buzz about the new stones for the entrance was highly positive. Many thanks to Juanita and her husband Raymond for their set-up work, which included Raymond's custom-made high top tables that so handsomely decorated the space. And appreciation, as always, to Tom Simon for coordinating the event.

The actual meeting on Saturday morning was so well attended that we had a quorum without counting the proxies. The 2015 budget was passed, and for the first time included a small decrease in the homeowners' fee for operations. A lively discussion around gardening and landscaping showed owner interest in maintaining the current level of attention to trees and plants provided by Alan Wolfe, who has chosen to take a hiatus from his work at PE to pursue other endeavors over the winter. A new gardening/landscaping contractor will be engaged by Nov. 1, and we will evaluate the results over the coming months.

Attorney John Patterson reviewed the need for us to approve a restated "Declaration", a principal governing document for PEHOA. The original document from the 1980s needs to be redone because it is not in conformity with the New Mexico Condominium Act passed subsequently, and that we elected to be governed by. All homeowners will be receiving a copy of the new Declaration soon and will be asked to provide a notarized signature of approval. Please watch for this document and return it as soon as you can. We appreciate your cooperation.

The fall colors were spectacular. Here's a shot from the Santa Fe River conservancy area above Canyon Road:

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Homeowners' Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who submitted their responses to the PEHOA survey of homeowners. The responses and suggestions will be very helpful to the Board as it works to maintain and enhance the quality of life at Pueblo Encantado.

You can download a copy of the results here.

Architectural Review Committee, Charter, & Guidelines

Architectural Review Committee:

Richard Humphreys, Chair:


Shelley Goldman
Robert Bucker


Architectural Review Committee Charter

Internet and TV Satellite Dish Guidelines

Board Members and Contact Info

Greg Jay, President:
Peggy Cranfill, Vice President:
Shelley Goldman, Treasurer:
Laura Amend, Secretary:
Bob Bucker:

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Board Meeting Schedule Nov. 2014-Oct. 2015

PE Board Schedule 2015 (tentative)
The Board usually meets on the third Monday of the month.

Nov. 17, 2014
Dec. 22, 2014
Jan. 19, 2015
Feb. 16, 2015
March 16, 2015
April 20, 2015
May 18, 2015
June 15, 2015
July 21, 2015
August 17, 2015
Sept. 21, 2015
October 17, 2015: Annual Meeting

September Board Minutes

Pueblo Encantado HOA Board of Directors Meeting
5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. MST, Monday, September 22, 2014

Greg Jay (GJ), President
Peggy Cranfill (PC), Vice-President
Laura Badaracco Amend (LBA), Secretary
Tom Simon (TS), Property Manager


Dial-in number: (661) 673-8600
Access code: 511006#


1) Call to Order 5:06PM.

2) Approval of minutes of August meeting. Minutes stand approved.

3) Review and Discussion of Manager’s Report
a) Annual meeting preparations: any last minute items to report/discuss. TS reviewed the procedures, schedule for the annual meeting. John Patterson (former PEHOA attorney) will attend the beginning of the meeting to discuss proposed/revised declaration. SG asked about the survey results.

b) Well housing repair update. TS said they have three completed and three to go. TS said cost will be at or below estimates.

c) Landscape contractor changes and bids update. Alan plans to leave November 1 to pursue other opportunities. TS said fall cleaning and snow removal needed; timetable for choice of new contractor. TS said Harmony Gardens is attentive to gardening. Small company. ProScapes & High Desert Landscapes are good but expensive. TS said we need fall clean-up quote. TS will get quotes from all.

d) Entrance signage update. TS asked for a report on the work. SG hopes we get something to look at this week. We may have to make decisions electronically. SG was happy with how contractor is approaching the design space. LBA asked about the stone person. SG said he has insurance to cover his work.

e) Road grading report. $10,987 – budget is $10,300. TS said we will try to negotiate it down to $10,300.

f) Amended and restated declaration with plats. GJ asked about the Casas Des San Juan (CDSJ) declaration documents. GJ would like to put the CDSJ language in the PEHOA Declaration. TS read the section:

Unit Owners may make exterior improvements within or as a part of unlimited Common Elements consisting of repainting, re-staining, the addition of architectural detailing, changing of doors and fenestration, construction of fences, walk.'), benches, and architectural concepts, provided they are undertaken with the permission of the Board of Directors or a covenants committee established for such purpose, if any, following submission of complete plans prepared by an architect or landscape architect and a review by such Board or Directors or committee as to consistency with improvements originally constructed by the Declarant, and consistent with the style and character of the community. No approval will be awarded without Notice and Comment given to the Unit Owners. It is the intent to provide for Iimited individualization of the appearance of the buildings while retaining the character of the original construction. The applicant will pay for the cost of preparation of the application, the cost of professional review, if deemed required by the .review entity, and all costs of permits and fees.

SG asked if CDSJ had a larger area than PEHOA. TS said they did. GJ asked about where this section would be added and recommended article 3.

Board received latest draft of declaration. The board will be restating the amended declaration at the annual meeting. GJ said the idea is that this provides a nimble declaration that covers most things, the rest is covered by the rules and regulations.

TS said the declaration is like the constitution. By-laws have more to do with the process and how things are done. PC asked if we like the CDSJ language is preferable to our current language. GJ said that he would like the declaration to say what our goals are—we want people to keep improving our units.

g) Architectural Review Committee.

i) “Application for Unit Improvement” draft discussion. Motion to add the following language:

Requests to place storage sheds in the Common Area adjacent to a unit are not encouraged; sheds will not be allowed if they are easily visible to other units or to common area pathways. The Board will consider requests for sheds not exceeding 4’ by 6’ with a maximum height of 5’. Requests must specify the exact model and color to be purchased. Sheds are placed on blocks to allow for drainage. All shed placements are temporary, and must be removed at time of unit sale or at any time the Board determines that the shed presents difficulties in regards to erosion or landscape maintenance.

GJ said we will wait until the declaration is updated before we determine what we do about the shed issue.

2) Satellite guidelines. GJ will address the Satellite guidelines at the annual meeting.

4) Review and Discussion of Financial Report. TS said there were very few budget variances. GJ asked if we will end up on budget at the end of the year. TS said we will end up the year in pretty good shape. GJ said we will want to mention this at the annual meeting.

1) Reserve study. GJ asked TS to give an overview of the reserve study. TS said the
board reviews the needs of the community outlined in the reserve study and then presents it at the annual meeting. GJ said he will discuss this at the annual meeting.

5) Old Business. NA

6) New Business. NA

7) Next meeting. Annual Meeting October 18, 2014. The board will meet briefly immediately following the general meeting to select officers for 2015.

8) Adjourn. SG motioned to adjourn. LBA 2nd. Meeting adjourned at 6:07PM.

Welcome to Our Community

This blog site is maintained by the Pueblo Encantado Homeowners' Board of Directors. Dowload our informational brochure for an overview of our unique community.

Pueblo Encantado is a luxury vacation community nestled discretely in the foothills of Tesuque, New Mexico. We are 15 minutes from downtown Santa Fe and near the Santa Fe Opera. Originally developed alongside the historic Rancho Encantado, PE now operates independently of its neighbor, the elegant Four Reasons Resort, whose spa and restaurant are only a short stroll away. The 36 handsome adobe casitas at PE are arranged in connected pods of two or three, each with generous private patios and featuring beautiful views of the Sangre de Cristo mountains and Rio Grande valley. Most casitas are owned as second homes and/or offered as short-term rentals.